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Smokin' on the Beaver

P.O. Box 364

Atwood, Kansas 67730​


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Just want to talk to a human?


Any of our Smokin' Board Members would be happy to answer your questions about the festival and BBQ competition.

General Inquiries:  Justine Roseberry 785-626-7300

The Smokin' Committe

Our Smokin' on the Beaver Committee is committed to providing a family friendly event year after year. 

Matt Wolters

Matt is the President of the Smokin' on the Beaver Committee. He keeps us all in line and keeps the event running smoothly throughout the weekend. 

Linda Young-Vap

Linda is our committee VP and the Queen of Entertainment. This lady puts in a ton of work to bring us the best up and coming bands. 

Donnie Wolters

Donnie serves as our committee Secretary. She also takes on the huge challenge of coordinating all of our volunteers.

Alicia Baumfaulk

As our Treasurer, Alicia keeps the festival on budget and the financials in line to allow for a successful event.

Jennifer Leitner

Jenn is the mastermind behind the Smokin' merchandise.

Shelby Nilson

Shelby handles the gate and admittance to the festival. Also known as the Holder of the Wristbands.

Tyler Leitner

The reason our festival grounds always look top-notch? Tyler. From the lights to the campsites, this is the go-to guy.

Brandon Cavenee

Brandon is the mapper of the grounds and Tyler's right-hand man. These guys keep the flow going.

Dustin Vap

Dustin brings the beer. Quite literally. He gets the beer trailer set up and works with Tyler and Brandon to keep the grounds lookin' good.   

Leslie Smith

Leslie is in charge of all the competition judging. She works tirelessly for months to prepare everything she needs to make judging happen without a hitch.  

Danielle Plus

If we need something done, we ask Danielle. She's a jack-of-all-trades with a passion for merchandise and selling raffle tickets.   

Kara Wicke

Without Kara, we wouldn't have the amazing Friday Night Kick-Off! She is in charge of securing our food vendors for Friday night and making sure there are enough drinks for everyone on Saturday.   

Carissa McCain

Carissa is our newest committee member. She will be working in the hall prepping everything for the BBQ Feast.   

Wendy Holmdahl

Wendy just couldn't stay away from her beloved teams. After a short break from the committee, Wendy has returned as our Team Ambassador. She handles meat check-out and entry check-in as well as handling any of the numerous things our Teams throw her way.

Justine Roseberry

Last, but not least it's me. I handle all of Smokin's social media, website and advertising. I also run Team Registration and communications. Chances are, if you reach out to our committee, you'll probably talk to me. 

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