Registration for 2020 will open no earlier than July 1, 2020


While we consider BBQ teams to be made up of only three individuals, you are more than welcome to invite support staff. Bring along your honey, your quality control expert or just a smokin' companion. Check out the About section for General Admission costs for additional attendees.



Teams will compete for a coveted banner in the following categories:

Brisket, Ribs, Pork Butt, Open Meat, BBQ Sides, BBQ Sauce, Cooked Salsa and Fresh Salsa

Home-brew, Homemade Wine & Homemade Spirits will now be required to be registered separately.

Please, visit the Rules & Regulations section for 2019 rules.

How to Enter

All entry forms are due the Monday prior to the event. The Smokin' on the Beaver committee encourages you to use the on-line form. The entry fee (if not paid on-line) should be mailed to PO Box 364 Atwood, KS 67730.​


(schedule is subject to change)



          12:00 PM    Team check-in & Meat Pick-up

                               (Columbian Hall)

          9:00 PM     Check-in Times for Meats Published

                               (The Hall Door)​


          10:00 AM     Required General Meeting

          11:00 AM      Turn in public categories

                                 (Salsa, Home-Brew, Wine and Spirits)

          12:00 PM     Festival gates open to general public

            6:00 PM     Bring food to the meal tent

            6:30 PM     Dinner is served, followed by the

                               Awards Presentation

PO Box 364, Atwood, KS 67730

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